Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ATRL: Video Clip: Girl disrespects Judge, Judge OWNS her

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Video Clip: Girl disrespects Judge, Judge OWNS her
Feb 6th 2013, 00:30


It only took an "adios" and a middle finger for 18-year-old Penelope Soto to learn that Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat is not the one and he will screw with your life just because he can.

HuffPo says that Penelope Soto stood in front of Judge Jorge in a court room in Miami-Dade County on Monday after she was arrested on Sunday night for admitting that she was high on Xanax when she crashed her bike. Penelope was charged with possessing several bars of Xanax (cut to me picturing delicious candy bars made with Xanax). It should've been a regular boring court hearing, but **** got serious when Penelope kept giggling and Judge Jorge wanted to let a trick know who holds the gavel.

Judge Jorge asked Penelope if she owns anything and she said she owns a lot of joorees. Judge Jorge wanted to know about how much her entire jewelry collection was worth and after Penelope kept giggling instead of answering his questions, she said, "Like Rick Ross."

Penelope is giving me serious Rhonda from Freeway vibes in that video and she looks like she's ****ed up on E or meth or something, but maybe she was just nervous. Judge Jorge asked her if she was on drugs and she said no. Judge Jorge set her bond for $5,000 and waved her away. Penelope said "adios" and sashayed away. Wrong move. That "adios" sat a little too hard on Judge Jorge's last nerve. He summoned Penelope back and upped her bond to $10,000. Penelope's eyeballs nearly escaped out of her sockets as everyone in the court room gasped.

Penelope wanted to be the one throwing the last punch in that fight, so she flipped the judge off while walking away. Judge Jorge summoned her back and when she answered "yes" to the question "Did you say, **** me?" he traded his gavel for a chancleta and slapped her ass down by sentencing her to 30 days in jail for contempt.

Game over.

My only question is where is the petition for Lindsay Lohan to stand in front of Judge Jorge, because I'm pretty sure that's a show we all want to see.

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