Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ATRL: News: Trayvon Martin: "A Gay Crack *****" says SC Republican

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News: Trayvon Martin: "A Gay Crack *****" says SC Republican
Feb 6th 2013, 04:15


Does the name Todd Kincannon ring a bell? He was the executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party and, on Monday, he vented about this year's Super Bowl with a lovely tweet that read, "This Super Bowl sucks more dick than adult Trayvon Martin would have for drug money."

It's like, who goes there? One minute we're all grumbling about the blackout and the next you're throwing shade at a murdered black youth.

Way to be a buzzkill, Sir Buzz Killington.

"The left has decided that Trayvon Martin was just this perfect little angel," Kincannon told HuffPo Live. "He was a thug. He tweeted about drug use. This guy, he was a criminal, and the left has decided to make him some sort of martyr. That is what I don't understand."

Ironically, Kincannon is kind of obsessed with dick: As Wonkette points out, last fall he got busted sexting pics of his peen (****) to random women.

What a thug.

Republicians are just.... :duck:

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